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Family paradise

Skilift Brunni is the perfect skilift for families with children. The slope is clearly, your kids can't get lost there. The slope provides a constant steepness and is suitable for small children as well. Blue slopes, lift entrance helping service and children friendly lift speed are perfect preconditions for a relaxing winter ski day. The operators of the skilift themself grow up small kids and know the needs of a modern family. We though about everything a familiy needs for wintersports.

Family discount
family friendly pricing

When buying full day passes, families with four or more persons just pay the children price each. The cost for two adults and two childs is as low as 68 swiss francs.

Kids till the age of 6 years (birthday) get an special discount and only pay CHF 10.-- per Ticket.

Night sledding
Sledding fun in the evenings

Experience the great night sledging feeling at the foot of the Mythen mountains. The sledders use the magic carpet or the t-bar lift to reach the top of the sled slope. The lift is in open on saturday evening after 5 p.m.. The wide slope and can be used with Davoser sleds or bob sleds.

Solar Magic Carpet
Conveyor belt for skiers and sledders

For beginners and families with small children, we offer a magic carpet as a beginner-friendly transport system. The children's lift offers snow sport beginners an easy entry into the world of winter sport. This lift can be used by skiers as well as sledders.

dedicated free sledding slope

The panoama sledding slope next to the ski slopes is free for use. The marked slope is a perfect fit for bobs and wood sleed, also suitable for small children.

family funpark
Fun slope for families
Snowpark am Mythen

The family funpark is a special fun slope. Kids and families have fun with different obstacles and elements and are able to improve their skiing skills playfully.

Snow groomer co-pilot
Extreme vehicles. A 430 H.P. monster snowcat.
Kopilot im Pistenbully

Take a seat in a 430 H.P. strong snow groomer and experience a nightly ride in a real snowcat. During 20 minutes, you can be the co-pilot in a snow groomer and experience this huge machine by yourself, while the driver is explaining the details.

ski school for kids
A perfect hill to learn skiing

Due to its uniform, clear and spacious slopes, Skilift Brunni is best suited for ski and snowboard lessons. Ski schools offer both, private lessons as well as affordable group lessons.

Snowli Kids Village
Kindergarden to playfully learn snow snow sports.
Snowli Kinderland

Children can take their first ski experience on a simple terrain called Snowli Kids Village. A protected area with small figures, gates and other obstacles is dedicated for this children's park. Together with well trained teachers, kids learn skiing from scratch.

winter playground
Building snow mans and iglus is fun

Located directly next to the Skilift Brunni, there is a winter playground with iglu construction area, playmobil snow cats and snow shovels to play with for free.

Snowman route
Character route with snowman

Who is finding all the snowmans along the border of the slope? The snowman route passes along funny snowman characters hidden in the forrest.

Family magazines
we thought about all the family stuff

The local restaurant offers the most important family magazines for browsing and reading. With "Fritz and Fränzi", "Wir Eltern" and "Eltern Family", we certainly have your favorite magazine in the offer. For younger readers, we have subscribed to the "Junior magazine". In our ladies room you will find a changing table and the restaurant are high kids chairs available, so that even the youngest children can be adequately served for you.