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Skilift Brunni - A Family Resort

At 1,100 meters above sea level, Skilift Brunni is mostly fog free and located in the middle of the lovely winter resort of Brunni-Alpthal. This special location at the foot of the majestic Mythen mountains is exclusive and guarantees reliable snow conditions. With three runs of varied levels of difficulty you'll find unique runs for the entire family. All runs are visible from the splendid sun terrace at the bottom of the lift where you can comfortably watch your children. The runs are wide, groomed daily, and unobstructed for your safety.
Easy to Reach

Skilift Brunni is easy to reach by car. It's just a 40 minute drive from the cities of Zurich or Zug. The road to the resort is well maintained and there is no need for extraordinary winter equipment. There is a large parking lot for up to 100 cars directly in front of the Skilift so you can start skiing right away - without taking a cable car to reach the slopes. You can also easily take public transportation.

low pricing

Our prices are unbeatable. Half day passes start at just 13 Swiss francs (CHF). Thanks to our low pricing, when you arrive after 2 PM, you only pay 11 francs for a children's afternoon ticket. Families benefit from a special offer for full day passes. Instead of the regular price of CHF 68, you pay just CHF 68 for two parents and two children from the same family.

Additional Service

On busy days, and as requested, we help you with taking the T-bar. This helps keep lines short and your children get professional assistance at the lift.

Skiliftbügelgeber beim Anbügeln
Fullservice am Skilift Brunni - Bei Andrang geben Skiliftbügelgeber den Bügel.
    Skischulen am Skilift Brunni
Skischulen geben im Skigebiet Brunni-Alpthal unterricht.
    Training mit den Kleinen
Schon mancher Knirps hat am Skilift Brunni unter Anleitung von Mami oder Papi das Skifahren erlernt.
    Training mit den Kleinen
Mythenmassiv im Hintergrund des Skilifts.

Ski and snowboard classes are available at Skilift Brunni. Most local schools offer lessons in both English and German.


How high above sealevel is the brunni winterressort?

Brunni is at 1100 meters above sea level. The top station of the ski lift Brunni is located at 1200 meters altitude. The specific location at the foot of the majestic snow myths ensures safety and fog-free days.

Since when does this skilift exist?

The ski ressort Brunni-Alpthal was founded in 1965 with the first Skilift Brunni, a mobile skilift. In 1968 the lift was replaced by completely new and permanently installed equipment at its current location. In 1972, we completed the infrastructure with the main operation building. Essential components of the skilift have been renewed over the years and are now state of the art.

How long is the skilift

The lift has a length of 0.52 kilometers and overcomes a height difference of 100 meters.

Are the pists easy to ride

Yes, our broad slopes "blue" and are located in rugged terrain and few obstacles. They are easy to drive and even for less experienced skiers, carvers, snowboarders suitable. But thanks to advanced are different routes to their costs.

Our wide pist left of the lift is very easy and - as the name implies - very broadly prepared. The ski race-track right of the lift is ideal for ski races and with its natural jump offers its appeal for more advanced skiers. Some trails are achievable through forest-passages and offer even more variety.

There is a ski school in the area

Yes. The ski ressort Brunni-Alpthal is served by several ski schools and snowboard schools with teaching services. Here you can find more information about ski lessons.

Are there discounts for groups and opportunities to conduct race?

Yes. The skilift Brunni has a separate slope for ski racing with timing equitment as well as group discounts on offer.

Is it possible to rent skis and snowboards in Brunni?

Yes. In the ressort are ski and snowboard rental stations. For details, see

What are the ordinary operating hours of the Skilift Brunni?

On weekends and during the holiday season we start at 9 and last until 16:15. On the remaining weekdays we operate from 9 until 16 o'clock. Deviations will be published on the Internet and communicated via snow phone. Call 055 412 51 51 or check

What is the capacity of the skilift

The skilift transports up to 1000 people per hour. The waiting times are therefore relatively short. Even at well-attended weekends waiting times do not exceed a few minutes.

Is there help for taking the T-Bar?

In crowded nice weekends and during holidays, you get professional help at taking the T-Bar from our trained staff. The lift is equipped with "long" T-Bars designed for self service. It is easy to catch the T-Bar and we help if necessary and requested by you.

There are half-day tickets?

Yes. Half-Day passes are starting at 12 am.

Are there transferable ski passes?

Yes. Our 10-ride or 20-ride passes are transferable tickets which can be used by an unlimited number of people. The cards are valid for 1 years from date of purchase.

Are there any ski passes which are valid in the whole ressort

Yes. The ski ressort Brunni-Alpthal offers combination tickets which are valid for five skilifts and one cablecar. Ask for the "Brunni-Holzegg-Haggenegg" ticket at the desk.

Do you have any marketing brochures from your destination

Yes. Feel free to ask for brochures or cards at the ticket desk or dowload our flyer right now.

Gibt es im Brunni Langlaufloipen?

Die nächstgelegene Langlaufloipe liegt in Alpthal, ca. 3 Autominuten vom Skigebiet entfernt. Die Loipe liegt am Dorfausgang (Schild beachten) in Richtung Brunni. Weitere Loipen befinden sich im ca. 10-Auto-Minuten entfernten Einsiedeln.

How are the slopes conditioned?

Depending on snow conditions, we use a "Prinoth Big" - or a "Prinoth T4" snow groomer for the conditioning of our slopes every day. Both vehicles are equipped with modern snow blowers and guarantee for perfect snow conditions.

Is the parking free to use?

Ja. Die Parkgebühr beträgt während der Wintersaison 1 Franken pro Stunde oder maximal 5 Franken pro Tag. Die Parkgebühren werden nicht zurückerstattet. Es können Saisonparkkarten gekauft werden. Saisonkartenkäufer können vergünstigte Saisonparkkarten beziehen.

Do you have further questions? Feel free to contact us at any time!